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Pet Klean Premium Veterinary Equipmentment

At Pet Klean our goal is to provide the Canadian Market with the best Animal Care Products available. This includes a Pet Klean/Mott Manufacturing line of Canadian manufactured powder coated and stainless steel wet prep cabinets, dental cabinets, exam tables with stainless steel tops and powder coated cabinets, powder coated or stainless steel casework, stainless steel tables, surgical sinks and much more. Also featured is our TriStar Metals full line of stainless steel Veterinarian, Animal Hospital and Clinic equipment. TriStar full line of Kennel operator's equipment including stainless steel and tempered glass run doors, stainless as well as HDPE side and back panels, stainless steel bank style boarding cages and cat condos. Pet Klean also features Standing Fatigue and Hypothermia mats from Stat-Mats, Oster/HydroSurge animal bathing equipment, shampoos and conditioners, for full service as well as self serve grooming shops.

Pet Klean is very proud to be associated with what we feel are the best Animal Care Manufacturers in Canada and the United States.

Pet Klean Inc. and Mott Manufacturing Ltd.

Proudly introduces our new line of Veterinary Equipment manufactured in Brantford, Ontario, Canada. Pet Klean Inc. Veterinary Division has been supplying quality equipment and services to the Veterinary community across Canada since 2002. Mott Manufacturing, an ISO 9001:2000 registered company, has been designing, manufacturing and selling quality steel laboratory furniture, fume hoods and specialty stainless steel products all over the world since 1961. Pet Klean is proud to have teamed with Mott to bring the Veterinary Community a new and innovative product line.

  • Full line of powder coated cabinet bases with a choice of 25 colours
  • Wet Prep Tables with stainless steel sinks and grates, ideal for dentals
  • Exam tables with powder coated cabinets and stainless steel tops with raised marine edges
  • Stainless steel exam tables with no cabinets
  • Full line of casework designed for your Veterinary facility including uppers and lowers, with choice of glass doors or solid doors, stainless steel counter tops or material of choice. Send us your plans or ask us for our suggestions, we have cabinets to meet your needs.
  • Stainless steel sinks from surgical, scullery, kennel prep tables as well as custom designs
  • Surgical pass thru cabinets and windows
  • Transport tables in powder coated and stainless steel


In our TriStar line of products we have a tremendous selection of Veterinary and Animal Hospital equipment, Grooming tables, and Kennel equipment , examples include;

Veterinary and Animal Hospital Equipment;

  • Surgeon Wet prep treatment cabinets, Dental Cabinets, Scrub sinks, Fecal sinks and Stations
  • Examination tables, Instrument and Transport Tables
  • Cat Condos of various sizes and configurations
  • Replacement cabinets of all sizes and shapes in stainless steel and powder coated mild steel
  • Electric wall mounted examination tables
  • Narcotics Safes and Medical Cabinets
  • Raised Kennel Systems and Isolation Cages
  • Custom built work stations of all sizes and configurations to meet individual customer needs.

The Tristar Bathing Stations have been designed for easy loading and unloading of large animals. Our ramp system is literally hands-free. With only the push of a foot, our ramp slides out to allow the animal access to the tub door. After the animal is in the station, you simply slide the ramp in and under the tub with one motion. The ramp is hidden under the tub which allows you full access of the tub. You're not confined to one end of the tub for the duration of the cleaning. Our optional faucet is equipped a utility Spray, which allows you to reach the full span of the tub. There is no more need to turn larger animals around to reach their hind quarters.

These are just a few examples of a complete line of equipment. Visit the TriStar site from our link area for a complete product selection. Further information and price quotations are available by contacting our Canadian office by phone or e-mail. We will be happy to quote customers anywhere in Canada.


Hypothermia Mats

  • Animals can't talk, but we always seem to know just what they're thinking. They rely on you to deliver the best care in the most comfortable manner possible. And when it comes to that cold exam or surgery table, the threat of hypothermia is the last thing you want to worry about.
  • Keep your clients warm and cozy with Stat-MatsT, the beneficial and cost-efficient solution that boldly addresses the concern of heat loss in the veterinary clinic or animal hospital.
  • Constructed from high-quality insulating materials, Stat-Mats prevent body heat loss that occurs from contact with cold metal surfaces. From the simplest procedures to more complex surgeries, animals placed on Stat-Mats experience conductive warmth and cushioned comfort within seconds. Plus, Stat-Mats can absorb and distribute warmth from any light source to soothe your patients during an exam.
  • A preemptive "thanks" from your four-legged friends.

Standing Fatigue Mats

  • Restlessness. Irritability. Aches, cramps and pains. Lack of concentration.
  • Meet Stat-MatsT Standing Fatigue Mats.
  • When standing for long periods of time leaves your body in agony, Stat-Mats give your muscles and joints the break they deserve. Muscles contract as they adjust to the flexibility of the mat, promoting circulation. Manufactured with dual density closed-celled foam and a proprietary polyurethane coating. Stat-Mats provide a cost-efficient and beneficial solution for preventing lower back and lower extremity soreness, especially during those longer procedures.
  • In the end you have increased productivity, healthy living for you and your associates, and a happy work environment overall.
  • Stand proud. Stand tall. Stand healthy.


Oster® Animal Bathing Systems are a "State-Of-The-Art" development in bathing for Dogs, Cats, Horses, Livestock and other animals. This unique system produces a gentle combing action spray of shampoo and water through a hand-held massage sprayer. The bathing solution gently penetrates through the hair and down to the skin to remove dirt, debris, loose hair, dead skin and dander for the healthiest skin possible. The animals love the massage-like treatment!

Oster® bathing is also an effective aid for treating dry, flaking, itching and irritated skin. Some Board Certified Veterinary Dermatologists use HydroSurge bathing systems to treat many common skin diseases. It gently debrides areas of dead skin, increases blood circulation and aids in follicular flushing. Frequent HydroSurge therapeutic baths are recommended for chronic skin problems. You will notice a tremendous difference!


HydroSurge® Power-Bath and Body products are manufactured in-house and contain the highest quality ingredients available. They are veterinary formulated, pH balanced and can be used for hand-bathing as well as HydroSurge® bathing. You will appreciate the easy rinsing formulas and love the luxurious fragrances.

Self Serve Pet Wash

Our self serve operations feature convenient, clean, efficient facilities designed to make your pet washing experience "the best".

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