The Importance of Taking Care of Animals

Animals have been human’s closest companions for a very long time. We have depended on them for food labor and security. Every animal needs to be taken good care of, given food, shelter and veterinary care, this way humans show commitment towards animals. For animals to have respect for humans we must also do the same to them, most of the domestic animal’s behavior is mainly influenced by how they are treated by their masters. If you treat them with love and compassion they will also do the same towards us. A farmer who owns cows and depends on them for milk both for his family and for commercial purposes, he ought to take care of these animals so as to ensure that the cows maintain their production rate.

Food and water given to these animals have to be of good quality and quantity. The cows deserve veterinary care so as to ensure that the animals have good health. This also helps to prevent us from contracting diseases from the cows in case they ever get sick. Good veterinary care keeps the farmer aware of the health status of the animals. This allows us to have a balanced diet for breakfast. The pets we keep at home also deserve proper health services since most of them live in our houses. These pets sleep on the coaches we sit on and even in our beds. Such pets not only need to be fed well but we also have to ensure that they are clean enough so as to avoid animal bugs and flies being brought inside the houses.

What would the Ecosystem be like if all wild animals disappeared from the face of the earth? This means we would have to live in an Ecosystem where the remaining domestic animals can easily be destroyed by a virus attack. Countries that depended on wild animals for revenue collection due to tourist flocking parks and zoos would be left struggling; zookeepers and park rangers would be rendered jobless, this would leave many families under financial crisis since the wild animals were a source of income.

Simple insects like bees play an important role during pollination. Without pollination, most of these plants would never be able to bear fruits. These fruits are the ones we depend on for nutrients and in maintaining a balanced diet, others are used for medicinal purposes and in large-scale commercial industries, these fruits are used in the production of juices and alcoholic drinks. These are products consumed by humans and not the bees.

Animals like dogs have often be used for security purposes, they remain faithful to the owner as long as they are well taken care of, in some instances these animals have rescued babies dumped in dustbins, detected bombs and even alert us when strangers approach our compounds at night. If not taken good care of they would not be helpful. Animals are prone to injuries, pain and even terror just like human beings. Every animal has a purpose that it serves in the Ecosystem; it’s our responsibility to ensure that all animals are taken good care.